Black x White

Finally, sunshine! I was inspired to get dressed up for Hump Day today!  I find that one way to feel good on a seemingly long work day is to dress for it.  It doesn’t do too bad for others that seem to just respect someone that dresses for the part either.


IMG_4301Still loving the high-waisted trouser trend, it’s become somewhat of a uniform for me at work.  It just looks so polished and elongates legs for a shorty like me.  I realize that one should be careful about proportions when it comes to high waist trousers as it tends to shorten the torso and changes the proportions so it’s worth trying on when choosing one that fits the best.


IMG_4304I love these pants so much I actually bought it in black and white, which is a usual thing for me lol.  I have a hard time finding well fitting trousers so when I find one, i stick with it! These were from Zara on sale, so it was a bargain when i bought it.  It kind of shrank somewhat even when I had just washed and air-dried but other than a couple of inches off the waist, it still fits pretty well!  My top is another favorite and in my mind, such a steal for a top.  It came from Forever 21 and for their low prices, it’s pretty easy to find tops that work for well, work.


| Coat, Pants and Bag: Zara | Top: Forever 21 | Shoes: Nine West |

IMG_4310My trusty bag–i love that it’s one of those carry-alls for those days that you carry everything but the kitchen sink! I love that it an fit so much but look so sleek!  And if need be, take you from day to night without looking out of place.


IMG_4320I realize it’s not much for colors on this sunny day, but I was just in a black and white mood!  I hope tomorrow brings as nice a day and maybe i’ll explore some color!



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