Black x Black

Happy Sunday! I hope that everyone is having a good weekend despite the weather dropped upon us Vancouverites.  The rain and winds are nothing too new, just how abruptly it comes about maybe? Yesterday was no exception with yesterday’s slightly stormy weather with a guest appearance by hale.  Isn’t that nice? all with the Rugby sevens i think that went on yesterday.  If you were one of many tourists gallivanting around yesterday, it was certainly interesting!


There wasn’t much going on, just another afternoon downtown for some coffee and window shopping.  I wasn’t expecting to wear all black lol nor have I ever really pulled an outfit that’s mono-chromatically dark but I’ve just been loving the sleekness of all black lately.  I’ve seen it done well and have been inspired to try it myself.  At the risk of looking too goth, i thought the slightly white color peaking out of the boots as a contrast.  My dress pulls double duty being layered with the sweater too look like a skirt, and then topped off with a leather jacket.  It was warm enough for the day out without having to be weighed down with a heavy coat.  As spring is upon us, it’s a now or never thing when it came to wearing colors before the pastels take over!


| Dress: Guess | Sweater: H&M | Leather Jacket: Zara | Socks: Roots | Boots: Hunter |

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