Humpday Wednesday in Houndstooth

Another rainy day yet again, Vancouver.  What is up with that? i know, i live in a city where it rains virtually 9 months out of the year (or more) so I can’t really be surprised and complain about it….too much.


Another day rushing out the door, I stumbled upon my Houndstooth blazer which immediately pulled my outfit together from blah to a nice casual work outfit.  I am glad i didn’t wear heels or a dress because it was clearly just a jeans and shirt kinda day  lol.

I love my houndstooth blazer.  It took me years to find a blazer that I could afford and was obsessed with finding the perfect houndstooth blazer.  Of course years later Zara comes out with it in back to back seasons lol.  I love the detailed buttons that make it look so regal!




img_3633Along with my long lost love of a blazer lol I remembered that I had bought these boots from Zara on sale awhile back and forgot all about it! At $30 it was such a good sale i couldn’t pass it up.  I love the shiny leather material along with the gold detailing on the heel.  It feels kind of androgynous to me….Fitting for my outfit i think.


| Blazer: Banana Republic | Shirt: H&M | Jeans; American Eagle | Shoes: Zara |

Anywhoo, i hope everyone else stayed dry on this wonderful hump day.

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