Vegas Birthday 2016: Day 1 at Japonais and Rhumbar!

Happy Birthday to me! lol Another year older spending it in Vegas!

IMG_8234It’s been so cold here so I’ve decided to spend it in my favorite happy and warm place, Las Vegas! In my 20s, I used to spend my birthday every year in Sin City so I’m no stranger to the fun times there!

We arrived at our hotel at Treasure Island after 1pm which was slightly earlier than the usual check in but still able to get a room albiet not the one we wanted and in a slightly lower floor.  Still, I was glad that we didn’t have to wait for a room so we could go explore which I was itching to do!


| Lace Camisole & Bag: Forever 21 | Pants: Zara| Cape: BCBG | Shoes: Nine West |



We ate at Japonais Restaurant at the Mirage Hotel which was not new to us, so we already knew we were in for a treat! Between the great service, awesome food and lovely ambiance it was a great first night!


img_3501After dinner, we decided to take it easy instead of checking out the crazy night life, so we had a few drinks at Rhumbar.  It’s a great place, especially during the warmer months in Vegas.  It had great music and I just love the patio style outdoor bar. It started out a great day and into the night, so I can’t complain!



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