Jersey and Leather go together

It was a long day at work thursday, and the thought of cooking once I got home wasn’t something I was looking forward to.  I know you hear what i’m sayin’ ladies. lol I suggested to my husband who is now officially of after his last graveyard shift, that we go grab a quick bite to eat at Red Robin’s.  Hey don’t knock it until you try it, their chicken strips were good! I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just a quick meal that I didn’t have to slave over.  I think for sanity’s sake, it’s good to do it once i awhile on a weeknight.

img_3319It was a clear night for once after raining for days and nights so I was excited to finally get to wear something other than my hunter boots! lol.  I wanted to be comfy so the jersey sweatshirt tunic was an obvious choice and I’d been itching to wear the thigh high boots that i’d been itching to wear since I got them at Christmas time!

It was a nice night, yes, but a chilly one as the night went on.  It was a good, quick dinner and a quicker trip to Zara to ensure that my purse wasn’t ringing at various stores anymore since it was always beeping the weekend before.  I put an extra layer of fleece to warm my leather jacket up because leather works for winter too, right? I loved the comfy yet still edgy look of jersey and leather….they do go together!  It was a good dinner at a casual restaurant I used to frequent as a teen and college kid.  It’s still one of my favorite places to go, good famil oriented place!


| Jersey Tunic: H&M | Leather Jacket & Bag: Zara | Fleece: Gap | Boots: Nine West |


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