What’s in my work bag?

Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile i know, but life just got the better of me and before i knew it, it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted!

I thought i’d get back into the swing of things with a ‘What’s in my bag?’ Post!


First of, I got my bag from Zara, and while i promised myself i wouldn’t purchase bags on a whim but when i saw this bag, i just couldn’t resist.  It’s not a major label or anything too fancy but it’s what I actually wanted in a work bag seeing as how I would be putting it through rigorous situations running in and out of work and maybe sometimes even from work to happy hour lol.  I needed a multi-tasking bag that I wouldn’t feel bad about putting through it’s paces but would still look great for work.


img_3276-2So, what’s in my bag?

My wallet, duh lol.  I’ve had this Michael Kors wallet for a long time; it’s been through several bag changes, from my LV to my Chanel somehow it’s a mainstay.  I love the soft leather and the gold hardware which i presume is what made me buy it years ago.

The black notebook would be my planner; i know it’s kind of 90s to be carrying around a paper planner when a smart phone is all the rage.  I have always loved having a planner and writing notes and scribbles about my plans and thoughts.  It’s so easy to just have everything in your smartphone but i love having to write out my thoughts instead.  I guess I’m just an old school kinda gal! post its and different colored pens.  I guess some things will never change!

The red bag is my mini makeup bag; it’s gotten smaller within the last few years as a testament to my high maintenance look changing over the years.  It’s that or i’m just getting lazy in my old age! lol.  I don’t bring tons of makeup anymore, instead opting to bring the essentials like an extra feminine hygiene product, lip balm, sanitary wipes for those times that a quick hand wash isn’t available, lash glue which is really more for nights out but i keep it there anyways, perfume atomizer, a compact from my boss bought in Paris and sunscreen container for the times that I go for my laser appointment and need it afterwards.

A hand sanitizer is always a good idea, so of course i’d have one in my bag! lol.  Nothing really to tell there, it’s just good to have!

Hand lotion — my fave brand that keeps my hands moisturized in a flash!  Again, pretty self-explanatory.

A portable cell charger and cable which i’ve come to rely on and by the way, gave to my hubby as a gift.  It just ended up being more handy to me lol.

A man’s comb – small and just basic black color lol, it’s handy for bad hair days and nothing fancy, just essential for hair emergencies.

Sunglass case, with my sunglasses inside, handy for sunny days.  My fave pair–raybans which are polarized keeping the rays at bay.  They have come to also be an essential especially during summer days!

Keys, can’t leave home without ’em!  Nothing much to it, just gives me access to my house and work.

I should mention that depending on the days and how long or busy of a day it is at work, things can be added or deducted in my bag.  I hope that this was, enjoyable? and a nice peak in my work bag.

What’s in yours?

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