Weekend Re-Cap: Shopping and more shopping!

Happy Monday all! I just wanted to post up some of the days that I’ve missed due to the busy weekend of last minute shopping I did! lol.  There wasn’t much activities except for the last minute errands I did so it’s really more the outfits I wore to go shopping!

Day 18: TGIF in CableKnit!

I wanted to be comfy for shopping and I knew that being indoors meant I wouldn’t really need a coat.  I ended up wearing one of my favorite tunics to ensure maximum level of comfort and ease for shopping.  I layered it up with my fur vest and thigh high boots and voila! I love all white outfits so during the course of the year I’ll end up incorporating it whatever the season is!


Day 19: Shearling Bomber

Okay so not having to finish my shopping on the Friday, I ended up at Downtown for more Christmas shopping.  I needed to make sure that I was comfy and warm this time around because I ended up taking transit there.  I stayed warm (very warm) by wearing a toque and using my infinity scarf to top up my shearling bomber.  It was effective as it kept me warm and at times too warm during my shopping excursion.  It wasn’t too productive as I still didn’t finish and gave up out of being tired!  I got most of it done tho with the exception of just the one gift that needed a size change.  I love this shearling bomber I got last year from Armani Exchange it’s almost like the burberry ones but a fraction of the price!  It also keeps me warm enough for the outdoors.


Day 20: Sunday Funday at Robson in a Tunic.

So it’s not that clear of a picture, but I’m actually wearing my new favorite long sleeved tunic from Forever 21.  This tunic has a thermal lining which may not quite protect against negative weather, but will do perfectly fine against a dry fall day out.  It kept me warm on Robson street with just my taupe wool coat for a topper and thigh high boots.  It was the perfect amount of warmth for a mostly dry day out (thank goodness) to replace a size for one of my christmas presents.  After all that, I am proud to say I am completely done!


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