Day 15: Hacking Jacket

So today was quite a busy day, starting from a mostly sleepless night to a busy day at work and finishing off with a few hours at the mall to try and accomplish some Christmas shopping.  Little disclaimer, the shopping trip was a bust; never go shopping with only a few hours sleep. 

Anywhoos, so I knew it was going to be a long day so I dress as comfortably as work dress code would allow. I don’t normally wear leggings to work, but I figured one day wouldn’t be so bad.


| sweater & Leggings : H&M | Blazer: Zara | boots: Aldo |

I wore a warm turtleneck for good measure as I knew it was going to rain today. 

Just a quick post of today’s look…come back again tomorrow for Day 16 where I may dance for joy at the fact that I made it past the halfway mark for December! 

xo Eileen

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