Day 14: Winter Whites

One must find the joy in days that seem endlessly mundane….Mondays are one of them.

I had a bit of a long weekend staycation for the hubby’s Christmas party (see post for Day 12) and so understandably the first day back seems rougher than usual lol.  Nevertheless, any break from the routine is a welcomed one.

After a boring but steady Monday at work, the hubby and I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market held at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza.  It’s an outdoor event so it was a perfect day to go with the break in the rain.  Even without the rain, it was still a chilly night so we had to make sure to bundle up for the cold.



| Sweater: Gap | Coat: BCBG | Leather: H&M | Boots: Aldo | Bag: Fossil |


I’ve been loving my Gap snowflake turtleneck sweater which has kept me warm in cold weather.  I love thick, warm sweaters that are like giant hugs of warmth on cold days.  I thought that because it was a dry night, it was another chance to bring out my cream wool coat though never thought through that there are tons of food and drinks that could be spilled on lol.  I did end up surviving without a hint of stain (hopefully though I never fully inspected).  I find that a nice coat can finish an outfit in a stylish way when outdoors, something i’ve learned from the Duchess of Cambridge (of all people!) lol.




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