Day 5: New York Tee

Yay for Saturday!

It’s been such a crappy weather day with the constant hard rain and winds, but we were still able to run a couple of errands during the morning time.  We started at the annual Torre & Tagus sale in Richmond.  It’s always fun to check out the warehouse sale and find things that we may or may not need lol. When it’s 50%-75% off, you will always find something!

Even with the crappy weather, i still found my inner summer days and wore a tanktop and leggings with my nike wedge sneakers.

IMG_2513Usually my main aim on the weekends is comfort, and this day was even more important to try and be comfy!


| Top: Forever 21 | Leggings: Topshop | shoes: Nike| Bag: Chanel | Watch: Guess |

After my errands was some shopping with the cuz, and after dinner is a time to relax!

IMG_2536Happy Saturday!

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