Flashback Friday: Pink Lace and Side Slit

Happy Friday! I was running late this morning and so will not be able to post a look for today until later on but never fear, I do have a flashback from last Friday that I never got to post!


Since we got married, we have rarely gone out for date nights that we used to have on the weekly on Fridays.  I don’t mind as much because we do live together now and have a house so it’s not as hard to just have a nice dinner in.  I do still love a good night out so ever so often, we do head to downtown for a nice meal.


| Coat & Skirt: BCBG (not pictured here) | Top: Forever 21 | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Chanel |


| Shirt & Blaer: Banana Republic | jeans: old | shoes: Browns |

It’s funny because we had a nice dinner at the Keg (a sure bet where we always go) and then we were so tired from the day that we ended up going home after whereas our younger selves used to head out for a drink after dinner before.  I didn’t mind because once we plotted ourselves down on the couch once we got home, we actually fell asleep! Lol that’s a sure sign of old age haha.

This date night marked the first official outing for my Chanel so of course I was super excited to use it!  It also marked the first time I used the skirt since I bought it in Portland so I guess it was a night of firsts for my outfit.  The pink lace turtleneck was a find from Forever 21 in Vegas that I thought I wouldn’t be able to use but sure enough eventually I did find a use for it.

As usual, my hubby dressed in mostly Banana Republic, his favorite brand of clothing lol.  He sure does clean up nice!

I hope the start to your Friday is good and check back later for my day 4 outfit!!

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