Day 2: Paisley and Fur

Another day, another outfit! Hello to day 2 of my #31daysofoutfits challenge for December.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted as frequently before this challenge lol but I accept!  I am willing to admit that I’m not one of those people that lay clothes out before bed for work the next day.  My morning includes a lot of rushing and second guessing just to make sure I’m balancing comfort and style.  I’ll also admit to the fact that I take way too long on makeup in the morning and so my time is severely cut when it comes time to picking my work outfit lol.


| Dress: Honey Punch | Fur Vest: Zara | Boots: Nine West |

Anwhoos, this morning I was actually ahead of the time for once and unlike most days actually took a few minutes the night before to choose an outfit.  Today’s outfit choice reminds me of boho-chic just because of the paisley patteron on my tunic.  I wanted to keep warm fully knowing that it’s going to be another rainy day.  It’s nice to also get a compliment from the hubby (who took the pic) on the dress.

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