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Happy Friday!

I am a happy, happy gal! I finally got a hold of the Chanel Jumbo Classic Double Flap bag (GHW) after being shut down by Holt Renfrew Chanel for being sold out for months on end! In fairness, the dollar has been good in the US and I’ve seen a lot of women drive across the border just for these coveted bags.  My hubby finally got the bag for me, a belated wedding present/ early Christmas present which I am wholeheartedly grateful and thankful for (even tho I kinda bugged him about it lol).  I am so inlove with the bag! It is everything I thought it would be, a beautifully crafted bag.  I get it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea so I understand that not everyone will understand my fascination with this bag.  In my mind, it truly is the Bentley of bags – a beautiful bag that is timeless and classic, versatile with every and any outfit.  The experience with Holts wasn’t all the greatest, but I can’t say that they were rude or anything negative about it.  I did find that like some reviews said on yelp, they did have their preference of customers, and some salespeople looked unfavorably at those not looking the part.  I think that happens in any store and not just isolated to this store, right? I asked and asked (called in-store and came in person) to no avail.  They come in two at a time for stock apparently and then it’s gone.

I came in yesterday by chance after work just waiting for the hubby, and was wandering the store asking here and there the availability after being told that unfortunately the bag I coveted wasn’t available.  I was disappointed but not surprised though.  Then I saw a salesperson showing a Medium sized bag in SHW to a customer that walked away so I asked her if the medium was available and she said no.  I must have looked disappointed cause she asked what size I was looking for, and I said no worries, that I had being really looking for a jumbo so it’s fine.   As I walked away she told me she may have one depending on the material and the hardware that I was looking for in the size I wanted, and suddenly my heart started beating fast.  Could it be? My bag within reach?? I told her what I was looking for, a caviar leather handbag with GHW and as she asked her coworker to check, my heart continued to beat wildly.  This was the closest I’d been to getting it! After a few minutes of checking that seemed like it was an eternity, she asked first if I was serious about buying it, and I said yes without any hesitation.  Then she told me the great news, ‘we have one for you’.  I have to tell you, I had an inner freak-out moment and wanted to hug her right then and there.  The elusive bag is available for me?? Oh mah gahhh!!! I told them that I was buying the bag but that I had to call my husband first and wait for him to buy it lol.  They told me that if I can come back by 6pm then it’s fine and go see Emily, the other wonderful lady that helped me with my bag.  I walked around the mall while waiting for my hubby to get there and the wait felt like it was just too long to count.  I was anxious and excited at the same time.  He finally showed up to Chanel, dressed in a hoody, work jeans and boots and a toque of all days lol.  I didn’t care, as long as the lady didn’t snub me for it I’m good.  It was a blur from then on and it seemed like I was just dreaming as we walked out of Holts Chanel Bag in hand.  I was finally one of those women that I saw walking around PC and envying and wondering what they had inside their Chanel or Bright pink holts bags.  I am proud to say that I am finally a proud and overjoyed owner of a Chanel bag.  I love my hubby, not only for the bag, but for loving me enough to understand the things that others may not be so quick to understand, like coveting this precious bag.  I love that he doesn’t judge, much like I don’t judge when he wants to purchase hockey equipment so I guess it works out. We do watch for our finances so as long as we don’t put ourselves in a bind for it we don’t judge each other either.

There are things that come into focus once that time comes when you buy your first Chanel; You can’t have everything.  Caviar Leather, lambskin, black, beige –you have to choose; it’s a pricey bag and unless you are Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie, you can only choose one color, one leather finish, size etc.  As you narrow your choice down of Caviar or Lambskin, Color and size, you come to realize what becomes important to you and how you are going to use the bag.

For example, I had to choose between the beauty of Lambskin versus the durability of Caviar Leather.  I ultimately chose Caviar Leather after careful research into prior owners that if this is going to be a bag that serious change will be dropped on, being able to choose a leather finish that stands the test of time will be important.

The black color was a given since it’s a classic color and goes with everything.  Forget the fact that Holt’s only had it in that one color anyways.  I find that in any classic pricey bag you buy, it’s best to buy one that will go with everything.  Black will always be the safest color to get not ony for it going with everything but also that a color transfer from other clothes such as denim will be nearly impossible to see and less likely to freak me out if it does end up happening.

Sizing – this was difficult for two reasons; One was that the price difference was significant (though it always is in this price point) from $6100 for a Medium to $6800 for a Jumbo.  The other was what it was going to be used for.  I have come to like smaller sized bags once again after shying away from it for years as it doesn’t give me the room I get from my bigger carry-all bags.  I’ve always loved the size of the bigger bags as I tend to carry pretty much my life in my bags so it’s hard to convince me that a clutch will be of any use.  Of course a Chanel isn’t for daily use (again unless you’re a celeb) and so a Medium makes sense for occasional nights out so I didn’t completely rule it out.  In the end I chose the jumbo size over the medium because even for a clutch I found the medium a tad small and it makes sense to buy a bag that actually fits your stuff, even as an evening bag.  As I get older, the bigger size makes sense to me as even for date nights I still like to carry a bigger bag.  It is important to note that even for my small frame I considered the Maxi bag, which I was promptly discouraged by both the hubby and the salesperson.  I eventually saw a youtubber  vlogging about the maxi size and that it was pretty heavy due to the size, the leather and the chain straps so I think I made the right decision in getting the jumbo.

Even if you have the money to drop on these bags, it’s important to think about the type of bag that you get, whether it’s Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Chanel or even a Birkin bag since you are dropping considerable money on it.

Happy Friday!

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