Halloween as Mary Poppins!

Happy first week of November! Oh my, how time is flying by! I am giddy with excitement at how close the holidays are! It’s a late post but it got busy over Halloween weekend but I still wanted to post my Halloween costume anyway! I didn’t really do anything for Halloween itself, but for work I decided to get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up.  I was somewhat back and forth about whether or not to wear a costume as i hadn’t really thought of anything to wear so i had no idea what to be.  I googled and went on pinterest for ideas and after thinking of a few possible costumes, settled on Mary Poppins.  I had seen Lauren Conrad dress up as Ms. Poppins and thought it was fairly simple to do so, not to mention that I already had most of what was needed for it.  IMG_4124


| Coat: Ted Baker | Shirt: Banana Republic | Tie: Banana Republic (Husband’s tie) | Skirt & Stockings: Forever 21 | Shoes: Aldo |

The hat and the parrot on the umbrella were both DIY projects that I had done the night before.  The materials luckily I had found at the nearby store, Trendy Bucks for a total of $4.65 including tax, so not bad for a costume right?  In these times that are consumed as much with intricate and expensive Halloween costumes and decorations as much as we are about Christmas, it’s good to know that one can still enjoy dressing up without having to spend so much! Sometimes, the creativity in a costume is just as fun as the dressing up in a costume itself!

All in all it was a good Halloween at work, almost everyone participated and it went well.  I hope everyone’s Halloween was just as fun!

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