What’s cooking: Tender and Juicy Chicken!


My husband and I are still getting over our wonderful trip to Paris a week ago, and the cold that we caught on the plane ride back! (thank you to the wonderful lady in our row that gave it to us).  That’s pretty much the reason for my being m.i.a lately, it’s been awhile since I last got sick and it’s been a tough road back! lol.  I have to admit, it made me somewhat whiny haha.  Anywhoos…I digress..

Now that we have our footing at home back, I wanted to cook my favorite recipe for tender and juicy chicken breasts that I found on the Kitchn.  I’ve never liked having chicken breasts (for any meal lol) as I always found them dry and flaky that it almost felt like eating rice cakes (also not a fave) or what I imagine to be cardboard (i have never eaten cardboard, even in my youth lol)..okay, i think you get the point, i hate dry chicken.


I’ve been using this recipe since i’ve found it and found that it’s one of those never-fail type recipes or at least a good basis to making good, tender chicken.

IMG_1650I love using the chicken mostly for livening salad or even topping in chicken quesadillas, wraps and any other way that you can eat chicken breasts with.  I usually just use salt and pepper to it, but i’ve also tried the Montreal chicken spice to it once and it was delish! I keep the chicken in the fridge and cut up my salad for the week, which we can have for meals at home as well as lunch at work and it’s a no-brainer!  As someone that’s culinary-deficient (you can quote me on that) his recipe was totally easy to follow and almost impossible to screw up haha so it’s a newbie wifey approved recipe!

IMG_1648I even managed to have a cup of tea while waiting for the chicken to cook!

IMG_1646I couldn’t resist a taste of a smaller piece that cooked faster, while the rest needed just a tad more time.  Delish!



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