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Happy Friday!

As a newlywed, it is only natural that I’m still reminiscing about one of the most important days in my life thus far, my wedding! It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m married and im a wife! lol.  It’s a good feeling knowing that all of our preparations are over and we can now live our lives as newlyweds.  Of course we still do think about the wedding and aspects of it, like what we were happy with and what we wished we could have done and maybe not done.  One thing I’ve been happy to say that I’ve been very happy with is getting our Guest photobook done for our guests to sign on it! It is from Artisan State and it is such a beautifully printed book –great quality of photos and a good sturdy book!


I was skeptical at first that a book that claims to have real good quality photos can be just $5 (US)? I mean, even printing a good quality enlarged picture won’t be as cheap! I tried it anyways, thinking if it didn’t work then I can always just get a cheap guestbook from Michaels.  I had to pay the $20 for rushed shipping otherwise I would have just gone with regular shipping (if I wasn’t under a deadline).


Of course these were engagement photos so they were good quality high resolution pictures to begin with, but with digital cameras these days the way they are, it’s rare not to be able to have high res images anyways.  I mean, even the resolution on phone cameras are getting better too!

If you are wanting a keepsake album or for a wedding or anniversary, this is the place to check out.  The only thing that I found weird was that the book shipped from China? If the company is from San Francisco, I found it odd that the book itself was maybe just assembled there?

Anywho, check them out; they also have canvas prints and frame photo options.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored review post.  I found them through a facebook ad and decided to try them out myself.

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