Update: Same blog, new name!

Hi all!

I swear, one more post today! lol.  I feel like I’ve been bombarding my page with posts today.  I just wanted to quickly point out the obvi if you are a follower, I’ve changed my blog name! yay! I know, so out of the blue right? If you’ve been a follower and just noticed the change I am sorry to throw you off! if you are new and maybe want to be a follower? welcome!

I just thought that with this new chapter in my life and my blog evolving into something more than just fashion, that I’d change the name, reflecting my being a new wife! It more reflects my life and my continued effort to explore my own fashion style and including the new ‘wife’ status into that mix!

I hope for those new visitors that you do follow me, check out my ‘about me’ section to find out more about me, and to find out the reason behind the madness that is me! Follow me on instagram for more pics and I do follow back!

xo E

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