Throwback Thursday: I love white!



Happy Throwback Thursday all!

I found it appropriate to do a throwback of one of my fave combos, wearing white! I love to wear white and not just before labor day! I usually try to play with different textures if I wear a single color or different shades and add in a piece in color just to break it out if it looks too lab coat-ish.  It’s such a great trend for summer, white on white, but I love it just as much during fall and winter.  In my mind, it’s not just for summer anymore –it gives that clean and crisp look that can scream luxury during winter and casual chic during summer!

IMG_7076 IMG_7217 IMG_7314 IMG_7605 friday ice cream canada day 1 IMG_7699  IMG_0780 IMG_7727 IMG_0672

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