Floral skirt and Peplum top for Hump Day!


I love hump day –Wednesdays just give that feeling that the weekend isn’t so far behind.  It’s around this time that I start thinking of what’s going on for the weekend and what needs to be done and I just get excited.  For Wednesday, I decided to dress up in case the next few days became dicey, weather wise.  We’ve had such a good run (too good to be true, but not good in some cases) for weather getting all the beautiful sunny days, but the forecast is calling for lots of rain for the weekend which I think is long overdue.

I wanted to wear my floral skirt from Bareofoot Contessa so badly but it seemed out of place at work.  Not that I wouldn’t have done it anyways.  It did need abit of hemming as I’m shorter than the average so skirts that would look great on others long, tend to just look too long on me.  Jury’s out on whether the length is truly wrong for me or if it works as a midi skirt.  Anyways, I remembered that I did have a skirt that had a fairly good length (still long but not too long) that was floral and would do for the moment! I love this voluminous skirt, it’s fluffy on it’s own without the extra layers needed (petticoat anyone?)IMG_3996

I had a couple of minutes to decide on the top as I was once again running late (surprise, surprise) getting to work.  I decided on the peplum against the white button down just because the peplum looked great flaring out with the skirt.

IMG_3999 IMG_4003

What I wore:


Skirt: Express

Shoes: BCBGeneration

I hope everyone else had a great hump day!



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