Travel: Finding my perfect Travel Bag!

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and just when I should be doing some data entry, my mind has wandered once again to my upcoming Paris trip.  Did I mention we settled on Paris for our honeymoon? Hooray! Of course whenever we have an upcoming trip to a place I’ve never been or haven’t been in awhile, my overwhelming need to be prepared takes over.  Keep in mind that it’ just the sense of wanting to be prepared, and that in the end, most times I barely feel like I’ve prepared enough! So I’ve been reading up on the horror stories about the rampant pick-pocketing activities going on in Europe and I’m not going to lie, it’s gotten to me.  It’s like back in the day when I was a kid and my older boy cousins would scare me about the giant concrete turtle underneath the fountain in our grandma’s old village that would come alive at night to eat little girls.  I know right? who gets terrifyingly paranoid about that? lol well this is not a myth–I am somewhat paranoid about what bag to bring to the trip that would keep my stuff safe and away from the prying hands of pickpocketers.  I want a practical bag too that won’t be flashy and attract attention!

tf bag

image courtesy of nordstrom

I’ve looked into several, one being this Tom Ford Jennifer Bag which is about 3k (cue the fainting) While I’m no stranger to seeing the giant price tags that come with designer bags, I still got abit of a sticker shock out of this one.  It is lovely tho, isn’t it?Though this bag is somewhat out of reach at the moment, it gave me inspiration on the style I’d want.  There is a similar Marc Jacobs bag that has the same idea, though still quite heavy on the price tag being about $300-$400. mj bagAlthough it’s quite a nice bag, still slightly pricey.  I do love the extra storage flap and the fact that it’s a crossbody.  It’s perfect to keep close to me. The bag that I’ve somewhat settled on is the Fossil Preston Flap (the bigger one).  It looks practical as well as stylish and doesn’t quite break the bank.preston flapI love that the zipped flap goes all the way down for actual storage, and not just upto the flap edge like most bags (even my aldo bag).  It even has a zippered bag pocket so I feel more at ease that when I put something like a metro pass there, it’s not going to “fly” away.  The one thing I don’t like about it is the strap–it detaches.  While that’s a great asset, not to someone that is travelling, I don’t want to make it easier to have the strap detach and then my bag get taken.  It’s easy enough of a fix I think if I get the bag strap sewn in (I doubt i’ll change the strap or even detach it).   Another feature that I wish it had that my aldo bag does have, is the inner zipper.  In my aldo bag, there is a zipper under the flap to secure the main contents of the bag.  I have yet to find it in another bag.  This bag comes in at $268 CAD (pretax).  Not bad for a bag that’s practical and can be used as an everyday bag as well. What are your thoughts?

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