At the Movies: The Women

Imagine a movie with women, about women, cast with …just women.  Well someone thought of that concept and it was not only made once, but twice! It was originally made in 1939 and then recently remade again 2008.  I happened upon this movie by accident maybe a few minutes in, and thought it funny that the whole movie is cast with just women.  I think that because in so many ways women are still lagging behind in rights at work, equality in pay and position it’s important to have something of our own and what better way to have something special than to have a movie all on our own with just a cast full of great women?

Of course, if you put too many women in one room there’s always a catfight that ensues, and this movie is no different.  Even though trivial issues are included in the movie — cheating husband and wife confronting the mistress, there are also important issues like career crossroads, friendships and being a great but a real role model to daughters even in the face of crisis.  There will always be women that like to tear down other women instead of build them up, that will never change.  It’s just great to celebrate strong bonds that last which this movie also does, and the importance and power of forgiveness in a relationship, with friends as well as your significant others.  If not for the issues and lessons, watch it because it’s in good fun–especially with a group of girlfriends!


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