Wedding Season: The perfect guest outfit!

After my own wedding, my husband and I stayed off the radar to enjoy our newly married life together and our newly renovated home.  We had a few bbqs and family parties but knew that the time would come when it would be wedding season for us.  I realize that for some, wedding season started after we had our wedding at the end of May, but since we had a relatively quiet June and July it wasn’t quite the same for us.  In August however, we are attending two weddings, one of which I serve as the bridesmaid for one of the bridesmaids at my wedding!  I absolutely love weddings, though prefer to be a guest than the bride because I’m not one for the spotlight haha.  Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing time at my own wedding, but I digress.

Anyways, I thought that before I’m able to do my own outfit options for the upcoming wedding (the other wedding my bridesmaid dress is already chosen!) I thought I’d give some outfit options using one of my favorite Canadian owned stores, Le Chateau!

I love shopping at Le Chateau, their clothes range from casual, to work wear and all the way to Bridal –one stop shop! The other amazing thing is that it’s Canadian owned, and some of their clothes are even Canadian Made!  By buying their stuff, you get to support Canadian made clothes.  Isn’t that great?

So, let’s get to it…

Floral Knit Convertible Halter Strap Dress 169.95

Floral Knit Convertible Halter Strap Dress $169.95

There is no better time or occasion to wear a flowy, floral dress than a summertime wedding.  If you are wearing short cocktail dresses for an afternoon ceremony, especially at a park or garden then this is the perfect dress!  Add a lovely hat if you are attending a garden wedding and you are set!

Lace & Satin Shift Cocktail Dress 225

Lace & Satin Shift Cocktail Dress $225.00

Even though this skates on thin ice when it comes to white, it is the epitome of class in dressing for a night time reception.  Glam much!? The satin and lace combo makes this dress elegant and great for a formal dinner reception.  Maybe add some satin gloves and a fascinator if the event calls for it?

Floral Print Knit Halter Gown 225.00 Floral Print Knit Halter Gown $225.00

Floral Knit Convertible Gown 198.00Floral Knit Convertible Gown $198.00

I love maxi dresses and skirts, even for my petite frame and so naturally I thought that adding them as an option was a given.  I recently got my long skirts altered in case I ended up wearing them as an option but I would love to wear a full maxi dress.  It shows relaxed elegance especially in these choices!  Floral maxis are a great outfit option for summer weddings.  I love that the pink floral convertible maxi dress has a shorter cocktail counterpart which gives you length options!

I hope that these starting ideas helped you find your perfect wedding outfit! I will post my own outfit choices once narrowed down.  Check out Le Chateau online for more outfit choices! Comment below on what your perfect wedding guest outfit would be!

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