Thinking of Fall: Coats!

It’s still summer, yes, I know! You’re not even thinking of Labor Day and here I am discussing coats, bad me! lol.  Hey, with July in its last week and August creeping up fast, there’s no better time to start thinking of Pre-Fall and Fall wardrobe.  Afterall, the cold weather lasts longer than the warm one we have now! It was the Duchess of Cambridge that got me thinking that during the colder months, we are often seen around town just in our coats and cold weather gear so why not try to find stylish ones?

I greatly admire her cold weather style, she has the best coats for weddings, official events and for her international tours! I aim to look as stylish (with a slightly lower price tag of course) with what I wear within the office as much what I wear outside with outerwear!

flowing trench coat 119.00

Trench Coat $119.00

1. The Trench Coat – the epitome of pre-fall outerwear.  It doesn’t quite keep you as dry during the rainy days as an actual rain coat would (with taped seams) but it’s still the standard in jackets for the working type.  It  shields from the beginnings of cooler weather ahead without compromising on the style.  I myself have both a long and a shorter version of the trench coat.  Quite handy during chillier summer mornings too.

Zara $89.90

Zara $89.90

2.  The waist coat – The waist coat came up around spring when the weather was just starting to turn nicer but still cooler than the average summer day.  It provided an extra layer of warmth without the added nuisance of sleeves.  One can wear a long or short (even sleeveless) sleeved top underneath and keep it worn without folding the sleeves!

zara $199.00

zara $199.00

3. Leather Jacket – I love leather jackets.  I only own two but the elusive biker jacket has always been away from reach.  This is as close as I get but I’m happy with my recent purchase.  It gives an extra edge to more feminine dresses and makes casual dressing in jeans more sex appeal.  you can’t go wrong with leather.

wool coat 119.00

wool coat 119.00

4. Wool coats – Aah, my staple essential for fall and winter.  Honestly it’s my favorite outerwear for work and even for the weekends.  It keeps you warm and stylish! The wool coats are starting to come out for pre-fall but wait for the full Fall ones come out if you want the really warm coats that can withstand winter weather!

What are your outerwear choices?

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