Surviving summer: poptails!

Something of a novice cook that I’ve been since moving into our new home, I’ve been trying to get my feet wet by trying tons of recipes.  By tons, I do mean tons of recipes and using any and everyone that is a willing guinea pig, to try them out!  I’ve been surfing quite a lot of websites and trying dishes here and there that I’d love to show you except never thinking I’d ever share them on here, I can’t remember who they came from! (and credit must be given to where it is due.)

So, I’ve decided instead, to start a new section of my blog dedicating it to my trials and errors of cooking.

Here’s a bit of a background….

My parents are traditional Filipino god bless them, smothered me and my sibling as a children.  We grew up typical Filipino as young tots having nannies and maids which up until I moved to Canada, I thought to be normal.  Fast forward into adulthood and I am clueless about how to do laundry, cook and well, clean lol.  The cleaning up part is an nuisance but I think I got it down now, because having a house means if you don’t pick up after yourself, no one else will do it for you;  Fyi, hubby is just as guilty about that lol. Anywhoos, as for the cooking, my dad always loved to cook which I guess is where I learnt it from.  He is always in the kitchen, spatula in hand and cooking something warm and delicious when I come over.

To this day, there are certain dishes that I get excited about that my dad cooks.  Of course, I never bothered to learn to cook lol cause I trusted that he’d always be there to cook for us….Yes, sometimes there’s a certain fault to my thinking haha. He did give me a cookbook he swears is easy to follow…….in tagalog lol. My written tagalog is as bad as my written French. Actually my written French is probably slightly better! (shameful).

So nowadays, trying out new recipes and seeing a smile on someone’s face when they taste my cooking is what brings me joy at home.

On to my summer concoction.  This is from My Recipes and it’s called Margarita Poptails.

Have you tried them? They are true genius! Two thumbs up to the creator of these adult freezies lol.  Popsicles + cocktails always equals a delicious adult treat! lol.

I served them at my bbq few weeks ago and they were a hit! A lot of the recipes I see are made with real fruit which I like because no one wants just the store bought premade juices (tho some do contain abit of them).  It’s an awesome summer treat! It’s even as good without the alcohol, I find.  I’ve tried several recipes, the favorite being the pina colada.  Try it at your next bbq and you’ll be a hit for sure!


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