Teatox: The results are in!

So it’s been a couple of days since I had my last morning tea from the Teatox and I am surprised to say that even though some of the claims by some of the former customers didn’t quite work the same for me, I am still happy with the results.  Overall, nothing bad happened except for the senna leaves working its magic lol.  If you know what it does, then you’ll understand and lets leave it at that!

Like I have previously said when I started this, it wasn’t because it was becoming a fad with celebrities or that I needed a quick fix for what I deemed were some problem areas.  I didn’t think that anything was bad enough that it couldn’t be fixed with some hard work at the gym and a watchful eye on my diet –all of which I have done before.  I had recently lost track of it and so I thought I’d try to teatox to try since I wasn’t big with the idea of the juice diet.

After my teatox I kind of realized some lesson already learnt from before which is now echoing more loudly and with evidence to back it up, that there is no ideal magical pill to put in place of hard physical exercise.  Hard work plus a good eye on diet is the best way to achieve ideal results.  Not to say that hard work, a good diet plus teatoxing wouldn’t help you achieve your ideal results better , but since I didn’t do that, I can’t say for sure.  I wish that I had though, it would’ve maybe maximized my potential toning to the point that I may have started to be happy with.  All wishful thinking.

I have stopped the teatox as there was only a 28 day supply (and 14 days for the night tea) and you’re not supposed to do the teatox frequently (it has been said that once or twice a year not consecutively is ideal) but not the drinking of tea altogether.  I realize the power of tea and its helpful benefits.  I still drink Pu-Errh tea as well as gotten back to drinking Oolong tea.  Both have benefits for helping to maintain what you work for and so I hope that it will be like powerful tools in helping me along my way to get to the ideal happy size I want to be at.

I can’t say that I recommend Teatox as everyone responds to what they intake differently at times, teatoxing is actually pretty good.  It worked for me to an extent (I didn’t really exercise or follow a healthy diet) and I would do it again next year.  Always research anything that can cause potential risks if you have any illness that might flare up due to things like teatoxes.  Whether you try Skinnymint, bootea or any other teatox brands out there, it’s always good to proceed with caution and to read the labels and do your own research.   Also, consult a physician if in doubt.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Skinnymint nor is this a sponsored post.  Please consult your physician and do your due diligence before trying any products that you are unfamiliar with.  Safety first!

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  1. Great read! As I have never tried the teatox myself, I was wondering what’s special about the ‘teatox’ products? Are they normal store-bought teas only packaged nicely, or do they have extra vitamins or something added to them? Thanks!

    • Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by! The teatox is more of a “cleanse” if I can use that term loosely, it has a combination of different tea leaves that help to boost metabolism, help with skin and I believe help you stay full for abit longer though I don’t think that worked for me lol. from the skinnymint site it says ” guarana, Green Tea & Yerba Mate to create a fruity and fresh tea blend”. The night time tea had ginger root, lemongrass, senna leaves, psyllium husk. If you aren’t familiar with senna leaves they are actually used as a laxative. Even when it says all natural, it’s still good to be cautious and check with your doctor for any health risks or if you take other medications. There is also a warning that it decreases the potency of birth control pills though I’m not sure of that. I hope this helped! for more info, check out the skinnymint website! cheers! xo E

      • You’re welcome! It was good but hard to remember to take the tea every morning with breakfast and then the night tea every other night lol. I loved my results tho!

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