Peplum and Pleather

Hi All!


Not to bombard everyone with posts but i thought i’d post my outfit for work today.  Peplum is awesome if yo don’t have a that coveted hourglass figure or if you’re like me, hiding that i haven’t been to the gym in weeks!lol.  I love this combo because it gives the body a flattering silhouette!  If your peplum is tailored well, it will hit at the smallest part of your waist before the bottom part goes outward in kind of like an opened umbrella.  It’s great to hide any bulges in the tummy lol!

I love that this white pleather is light enough to wear during summer without feeling overheated because the back is fabric.  I am also a big fan of the lasercut and crochet(?) detailing at the bottom of the skirt.  I finished it off with a pair of pinkish nude heels to match!

IMG_3897 IMG_3890 IMG_3894

What I wore:


Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Zara


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