Health and Fitness: Squat Challenge! Who’s with me?

Now that I’ve successfully (without forgetting it) taken the 28 day teatox from Skinnymint, it’s awaken my motivation to try and find ways to keep fit.  I am still unmotivated about going to the gym but that’s hardly going to stop me from finding ways to tone up! Hence, the Squat challenge!  I used to have a butt that I was proud of lol I mean it wasn’t perfection but it was pretty nice and perky (sounds weird to describe lol) but being busy has just made it impossible to even keep up with exercises.  I thought this would be a fun way to get into working out again! If anyone wants to join in, check out Fitness Magazine’s The Ultimate Squat Challenge: One month to a better butt and we can do it together! I love having a buddy to try things with! Like having a co-worker try the teatox with and then comparing notes and talking about our progress.  It gave me motivation!

Comment below if you are going to try with me and I will post my progress and if you leave your page link I will check your blog out for your progress too! We can compare notes!  If you have instagram, tag me with a pic! this will be fun!  So because it’s long weekend here in British Columbia, I will be starting the challenge on Tuesday.

Whaddaya say? Are you with me!? Let’s do this!

If you’ve already tried this challenge, please comment below and let me know your results from this challenge or how it was! I’d love to know!


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