Deighton Cup 2015: The Outfit Choices

I am so excited, tomorrow will be my first time in going to the Deighton Cup! I am so happy to have made it this year as I had missed it last year and by the time i realized what I had missed we were seeing all these women with their dressed up selves in hats and gorge dresses.

This year however, we were able to make time and get tickets and now comes the hard part–choosing an outfit!

Help me decide!


Outfit #1

Top: Forever 21

Skirt & Hat: Le Chateau

Shoes: Louboutins



Outfit #2:

Top & Skirt: Forever 21

Hairpiece: Smart Set

Shoes: Zara



Outfit #3:

Top: H&M *

Skirt: Le Chateau

Fascinator: Old (Le Chateau?)

Shoes: Zara

* I will be wearing an underlay for this top, but for the purposes of trying it on, just decided to wear it without one this time.




Outfit #4:

Top: H&M *

Skirt: Marciano

Fascinator: old

Shoes: Zara

Outfit #5:

Top & Skirt: Jealous Tomato

Hat: Le Chateau

Shoes: Zara

I think if i choose this outfit, i may have to change the shoes to espadrille wedges for a more casual look.

So, these are my chosen outfits for tomorrow, possibly a tweak here or there with the tops.  Let me know your opinion!

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