What’s happening, Vancouver? A quick rundown of my favorite summer events


I love my hometown, Vancouver—in any season, it looks beautiful an scenic.  Others may not feel this way during the rainy months and the gloomy days that come, but it’s home to me and it will always be as beautiful as I it was when I first set foot a long time ago.  As a long time Vancouverite, I have my favorite spots in which I hang out in, and events I hardly ever miss as I’m sure you have in your hometowns, yes? I wanted to give you a short guide into some of the things that I love to check out and a few others that may be worth for you to check out while visiting my beautiful hometown!

So the first will be this weekend which is the Deighton Cup, Vancouver’s Day at the races.  It’s more than just a derby—it’s where the beautiful people come get all dolled up and show that Vancouver can be fashionable too! I am excited to go to my very first one this week!

  • Honda Celebration of Light – The fireworks that consists of three countries competing to be the best in lighting the sky on fire with their amazing pyrotechnic displays. It’s certainly evolved from when I used to go in college (I missed it in highschool unfortunately) and in some aspects not for the better –it used to go for the 2 Wednesdays and 2 Saturdays as opposed to how it is now. It’s still worth checking out though, as for some it is a whole day event! There are some good vantage points to look out for besides the obvious places such as English bay, kits beach (I think) there’s also cambie bridge I think? Or if you are making it a special romantic day, why not go on a charter? For about $120 plus taxes you get dinner (drinks are extra) and get a front row view to the fireworks! I tried it one year and it was amazing. It felt like we were almost below the fire show.
  • Playland/PNE – for the kid at heart, playland at the PNE is now open. Ride to your heart’s content with all the fun rides and some games for the kiddos and the kids at heart! I’m a bit frightened of rides myself but I will partake in games and some mini golf! Then on the last two weeks of August, PNE opens up the fair side and it becomes twice the fun! I usually go there for the eats but visiting booths and checking out the games are pretty fun too!
  • Summer Patios – We’ve been having such good weather lately it’s hard to find an excuse to stay away from the plethora of patios popping up all over! If you’ve visited some posts on my blog you would know that I’ve enjoyed a session or two at the patio! Lol. My favorite right now is of course Reflections at Hotel Georgia (shout out! Lol) but I also like Black and Blue with their sangria pitcher and appy hour! Of couse if you’re in Yaletown or Gastown there’s plenty of options for patio sessions before catching a Whitecaps or BC Lions Game, fireworks or whatever event you are planning on going to! Please enjoy it, we don’t get many sunny patio days in Vancouver and it’s the best thing when you get to just enjoy the scenery!
  • Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival – Feel like soaking up some arts? This is for you. With Plays running seven days a week (10am – 6PM) it’s easier than ever to enjoy performances out on a sunny day/night! I haven’t gotten the chance to go myself, but from what I hear, it’s awesome!
  • Farmer’s Markets – There’s quite a few popping up lately! If you are one to wake up early and enjoy shopping the very best of what farmers have to offer, there are many places to catch the freshest veggies and more! The River District, East Van at Trout Lake and Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver to name a few!

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