Morning errands in White tunic & Gold Gladiators

It was a busy Saturday last weekend with the husband’s Grandma’s birthday hosted at our house this year.  My family came as well which made it all the more special to bring two families together.  The day started early for me as I had a morning errand at 10:15am so I had to get ready way before.


Yup, that’s me sans makeup except for my last stand of having eye liner on lol. I don’t know how that would have ever made a difference!


I love the crochet edge of my white tunic, it gives the tunic a bit of embellishment since tunics usually fall prey to being boring and plain.  I almost feel like I’m a panama hat from being dressed for a Tuscan sun adventure!

The rest of the day after the errands and a quick walk around robson street after was busy with cleaning the house and entertaining the guests.  It was a fun day overall!
What I wore:

Tunic: Promesa (US Made)

Gladiators: Aldo

Bag: LV

Sunnies: Raybans


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