Health and Fitness: Week Three of Teatox


Since taking the tea, I’ve noticed a slight change in my overall bloated feeling—less of it.  I feel like I am able to digest food slightly better (no indigestion either!) and not have that over-eating feeling.  I’ve also noticed a slight—and I do mean slight different in my waist size.  Just yesterday I felt enough of a difference and the confidence to wear a crop top which I have to say, I didn’t think would ever happen after I turned 30.  Of course I don’t conform much to that crop top with a flat tummy thing either, but I do feel self conscious so I didn’t ever dare before.

I haven’t felt the negative effects of the tea that some of those that reviewed it and I am taking that as a win lol.  I was pretty scared about reading the negative effects like headaches, nausea, abdomen pain and so on.  Like I’ve mentioned, every person can react differently so it’s still best to proceed with caution when trying something new.  Just because I didn’t feel those does not mean that it’s not going to happen to anyone else.  My co-worker and I took it day by day depending on how we felt just to make sure that we weren’t endangering ourselves.  It is all natural I’m sure, but some may be allergic to some of the ingredients found in the tea.  Luckily, we weren’t.

I should mention that though I haven’t changed my diet since taking the tea (I still eat moderately healthy and not-so healthy foods in combination) I also haven’t been exercising as much which is probably why I’m not taking in the full benefits either.  I imagine that it would maximize the benefits of the tea even more lol but I’ll never know!

Week three is giving me hope that I can still make positive changes in myself.  It also makes that adage true that when you are doing well in being healthy, you just don’t have the hear to ruin it.  I sometimes don’t want to ruin progress so I try to minimize alcohol consumption even socially, I try to take in more healthy stuff and even though I can’t completely cut my junk food cravings, I try to moderate it lol.  Omg, one more week of the tea! I will miss it so.

Have you tried Teatox before? How has it been for you? Please share and comment below on your teatox experience!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  It is based on my own experience of doing the Teatox.  Pleas always consult a physician if unsure about any conflicts with doing a teatox such as medications or procedures.  Also, please always research anything that involves ingridients you are unsure of.  While it is natural herbs and leaves, if you have any allergies it is best to check.

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