Health and Fitness: Nutri Ninja

At the risk of over-posting, I just wanted to quickly talk about my new toy, the Nutri Ninja 2-in-1! I am loving this! My husband and I previously used the magic bullet (from HSN) and as great as it has been, it doesn’t seem to be as powerful as the Ninja.  Granted, we got the first edition bullet I think from awhile back.  It’s served us well! It may still be great for creating other things like dips, salad dressing and other things, just not as great for juicing.  This little baby however, seems to be more powerful in crushing ice as well as the leafy bits of Kale.  I love juicing but hate the big pieces of leaf that are left over so this is great!  I haven’t tried the food processor component though.  I figure it will be handy to have since we don’t have room nor want more bulky appliances on our counter tops.  I’ve only used the Ninja a handful of times, but it’s worked out great and I hope to be juicing more!

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