Travel: How to pack Make-up ‘overpacking style’ *updated!*

It’s already mid July, where has the time gone?  It feels like I walked down the aisle at my wedding only yesterday! We are hard and busy at work…..getting our patio done! It’s summer afterall, and what better way to enjoy summer than have a patio hang out? Day or night, we’ve been enjoying our newly decorated patio place.

Here’s a sneak peak of our patio…


While we are continuing to nest at home, we are also continuing to research our upcoming honeymoon destination! I am so excited that I’ve already started prepping for packing. 

I am an over-packer by heart so it’s real important for me to try and pair down on what I bring on this trip.  Clothes-wise, I think I’ll be fine, but makeup is always a hard thing for me to pair down on as I always bring everything even when I know I may not use it! I am a ‘just in case’ packer lol.  I have been going through a lot of sites trying to find a more suitable alternative to packing all my glass jars for paint pots, gel liners and brow gels.  It’s a pain having to pack each one as it tacks on needless weight on my luggage.  I’ve read up on a lot of sites but it seems that a lot of people still prefer to bring them in their original glass jars. Here’s what I came up with:


They are used by painters to keep their paint colors already mixed in air tight containers without drying them.  Neat right? I mean I’ve read up that some bloggers will use palettes like the Z palette, MAC Pro Palette,  the MUF concealer palette, Japonesque palette or many others to keep lipsticks, glosses, concealers or even liquid shadows but because gel based liners are a bit different and may dry up faster, it’s not ideal to keep them in the same place.  This air tight container allows me to pack on the gels without having to dry them out.  I have yet to try them on for more than a day so I depotted a small amount of my Anastasia Brow gel and my painterly paint pot.  It looks kind of gross just kind of plopped down on the container but if it works then I at least have some of my fave gels and paint pot colors while on the trip!  I will track how well they stay in the containers and hopefully have something good to report! These plastic containers are light weight and have a snap seal.  I’ve also used it to transfer some of the pigments I want to bring on the trip as well!

IMG_0623 IMG_0622

** update **

Okay so I updated this post already because I left out a part of this little DIY travel kit for my gel liners because I wasn’t sure yet how it was going to work.  If you’ve checked out my DIY post about the scrabble magnets I made awhile back, I used this magnet strip that could be cut into squares (easily enough with scissors) to go behind the scrabble letters.

20150313-082030.jpg 20150313-082023.jpg

Well, it hit me, ‘Why not these containers too?’ It would be cool to put the magnet strips behind these little tubes and then put them all into one neat tin case.  Of course, I have yet to find a tin case that will fit all these paint cups but I’m sure they’ll have them a the local craft place like Michaels or even the dollar store!

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