Sky Blue Blazer and Tan booties for Hump Day!

Holla Everyone! Happy Hump Day!

First off, thanks to everyone that showed love to my DIY post on taking my gel liners and paint pots when i travel.  I was overwhelmingly overjoyed to see that everyone liked it! Thanks for the support to those that followed!

Anywhoos….Today once again was a rush to get out the door and catch the bus–and a fail lol.  Honestly, why is it so hard to catch the bus early in the morning??


There is a history with these white pants paired withe the sky blue blazer.  See, I haven’t worn these pants in awhile due to the fact that after I bought them, i wasn’t able to fit into them a few weeks later *sad face*.  I was truly devastated that I had bought the wrong size, and that i had not even worn them and already i had to give them away! I was so annoyed that i kept them and promised myself that I would make it a point to fit them! I tried and failed several times yo-yoing weight wise.  Finally it ended up in the back of my closet, even finding it’s way into my new closet once I got married and moved in with the hubby.

Long story short, i tried them on this morning on a whim, and voila! they fit! omg! I was soooo happy that i didn’t even question it, i just continued on dressing myself and ran to the bus stop! I am truly happy that the little health goals that i had set for myself are being met! it’s not a set timeline, it’s little goals that i keep on going with.  I hope this inspires all of you to keep going on your life goals, whether it’s for weight or other things you want to attain in life!




What I wore:

Top: Forever 21

Blazer: Zara

Pants: Club Monaco

Shoes: Nine West

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