LWD and Gladiator sandals for the Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July to our American neighbours! Freedom is a right and privilege given to us by those willing to sacrifice their lives in order to secure it and protect it.

Anywhoos, enough freedom and birthday talk! let’s party! lol.  FIFA Women’s is going on in downtown today and i assume so are other festivities around the area so it’s going to be packed!

My husband (wow it still doesn’t feel quite normal to say it yet!) and I went for brunch at one of my fave places to eat, Meat and Bread.  If you are in town and looking for a simple, uncomplicated sandwhich place then this is it.   I am obsessed with their Porchetta, though the hubby pefers to get the special each time.  To each their own!

IMG_7699 We went to the only location open on the weekends, the one in hastings.  After brunch we headed down to the neighboring gastown area to have a quick coffee and visit Indochino to possibly get a custom suit for him for upcomng weddings.


I love spending the day, even when short, with him.  We don’t even do anything to crazy, but spending time together just makes it fun.

What i wore:

Dress: Old (sirens)

Sandals: Aldo

Bag: Forever 21

Sunnies: RAybans

Panama Hat: Aritzia

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