Health and Fitness: Skinny Mint Teatox after 5 days!

Happy Friday all! Today mark’s the 5th day that I’ve been doing the teatox from Skinnymint’s 28 day tea detox.  I’ve said this from the very beginning and I’m going to repeat myself when I say that I’m not into fads or gimmicks expecially when it comes to losing weight; I know that it takes hard work and will power to make a positive change in your life.

While I do think that, I do agree that cleansing can have some benefits as well.  Teatox may be the latest craze, but it’s not the first and certainly not the last.  I would have tried the juice cleanse, but seeing as how I’m allergic to some fruits, I figured I’d stick to tea.

from the skinnymint website

from the skinnymint website

I’m not looking for some miracle cure-all when it comes to my on-going weight battle, ever since I hit my thirties my metabolism seems to have slowed considerably and I’ve tried everything from exercises to incorporating veggies and certain fruits (I’m not allergic to) into my diet to help rev it up.  I was scared and/or skeptical about the teatox program because I wasn’t too familiar with the ingridients in the tea, and that although all natural, didn’t necessarily mean safe.  I’m glad that I’m trying it out with a co-worker who was just as intrigued as I was about it.

The Verdict for the first 5 days of the tea?

To start off, I was pretty anxious about the effects of the tea itself.  Reading all the reviews, and I do mean all, it went from one extreme to the other of hate and love.  Some people raved about it and couldn’t sing their praises enough while others described an excruciating experience they wouldn’t wish on their enemies.  I was pretty much on the fence about it but we had already bought it so my coworker and decided to try it on a day to day basis, monitoring how we felt to make sure it wasn’t causing us harm.

I have to say that 5 days of taking the morning tea hasn’t affected me at all in any negative way as far as I know or feel.  I can say that aside from the noticeable effect of not feeling bloated, I haven’t noticed much change–even negatively.  By the way, I have yet to drink the night tea for that completes the 5 days, so this review is just missing the night time tea.  I have tried only 5 days of the morning boost tea.

The first night of the night time tea didn’t affect me at all which I was grateful for.  The second night–which was technically the 3rd night since we are only supposed to drink it every other night, since I took a bit later in the night (almost forgetting it altogether!) gave my tummy a slight rumble and a quick bathroom break was needed.  Thank goodness that the senna wasn’t a powerful as I had read it to be.

All in all, I don’t fee a big physical change which I didn’t think would happen as it does tell you that it’s a cleanse and not a weight loss product.  I do feel that my bloated feeling has decreased overall and my hungry feeling during the day isn’t as frequent as it used to be.

I would advise against jumping into something like this without research (which I kind of had done but not as much as I now wish I had) .  If you have some health problems that require certain medications please consult your family doctor because since this is a teatox, it may cleanse medication off your system and cancel out its effects.  As evidenced by the reviews, it works differently for different people so what works for me may not necessarily work for you, as is the case with anything ingested.  It can affect different people in different ways.

Disclaimer: this was not sponsored by the company Skinny Mint.  This is my own review and experience so far.


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