Travel: The prep begins

Bonjour Folks!

This is a quickie post and maybe a quick question into the void for anyone that has tips! Hubby and I are planning on going to Paris for our honeymoon and I’m super excited! I’ve never been to Europe before and I can’t wait to go!

We’ve been searching high and low for good deals on flight and hotel packages which makes me all the more excited! While we search for the best deals, preparing for the trip itself makes me both excited and anxious.  I start to think (even when it’s not close to our trip) What do I wear? What do I bring? How do I pack my makeup? Those are thoughts of a mad woman eager to make the most of the trip while bringing all the comforts of home within reach!

Every trip I think that all my travel missteps and blunders are making me more of an expert at travel but then I go on another trip and feel like I’m making the same mistakes over and again.  Especially for a place I’ve never been, I feel like I need more prep for this than most times packing at midnight to catch a red-eye! (which I think for the most part is a mistake in itself lol).

In the past, it was easier to get away with bringing a slightly heavier carry-on to compensate for what couldn’t fit into the check-ins but nowadays in the era of pay-per-luggage and the smaller carry-on sizes and them being stricter on the weight of your carry-on, it’s become harder to just stuff everything in at the last minute.  It’s become more of a daunting task to think things over before packing, which is why I try to be a packing expert for every trip I take!

One of my biggest faux-pas as it is for anyone that loves make-up is the weight limitation–it forces women like me to go without certain things to lighten the load.  Think of about 4 or 5 glass cream jars (mini, of course) rattling around your makeup bag and adding the extra weight before even putting your other toiletries in, much less your clothes!

I recently just started using GoToob for my shampoo and conditioner for most trips and I have to say, it has worked well with having travel containers that don’t add weight but works well.  One downside? having to clean it when I get back home.  Who wants to be cleaning travel stuff after a trip home? Not me.  I usually take abit of time before dealing with my stuff lol.  It doesn’t answer my other problem of my concealer and gel liners in a jar.  It’s a pain to have to bring them even in small quantities due to packaging.  Those little jars can add weight even in smaller sizes.  To date, I have found no solution but if you know of a better way to pack them, let me know!

Anywhoo, that’s the extent of my preparation is to find ways to pack my makeup products lol.  I will keep everyone to date about my travel prep and maybe give others ideas hopefully on having to pack better! (or get some tips from you guys!)


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