Shopping: Sales Weekend!

It’s the second week of June and two three things are on my mind– Father’s Day is coming up, The first day of summer is also on the same day as Father’s day (hooray!) and Car free day is coming (and will be disrupting any regular routes along main street).  Can I just say that I am one of many that’s glad the Burrard street bridge is not going to close for some group yoga thing? I mean, thank goodness for sanity.

Anywhoo, with summer literally around the corner, I guess that signals retail stores to start clearing the summer stock and prepare for my ever-so favorite season, Fall! Ok, it’s pre-fall but it’s good enough for me! I thought I’d share some of the sales going on in store and online!

Obvi, Zara had a midnight sale going on (if you didn’t notice the pic above lol) and I got some nice goodies last night from it! excited to get it in the mail!

Aritzia has started their sale privately for those that are part of their Clientele list.  They’ve got some ok sales going on, 20-40% so far, though I was hoping for bigger discounts, but it is Aritzia afterall lol.  There’s always the warehouse sale though you’re kinda left with what’s there for sizes.

Ikea has a midnight sale tonight and though I’m not a ‘camp all night for furniture’ kinda person, I heard some great deals from there in the past.  If you’re on the hunt for house related items, this may be for you!

Aldo has 50% off for their end-of-season sale, though it says off the original on all reduced styles.  It makes sense, and then it doesn’t?

Banana Republic Retail is offering 40% but as always, it comes with strings aka exlcusions.  Tip: wait for their 50% and no exclusions sales that are far better and worth more of your buck.

Banana Republic Factory is offering 50% for him, which I assume is because of Father’s day coming up.  Makes sense, and it’s a great time to snag a suit for any weddings or the Christmas party coming up cause trust me, the months just creep up after summer.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale is still going on I think.  Lots of goodies

Danier Leather 50% the lowers prie off every single jacket – should be a good buy!

That’s some of the sales I’ve been notified of (via email mostly lol). Happy Shopping and let me know if you know of any other sales I’m not thinking of!

Happy Friday!

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