Throwback Thursday: Drinks at Cactus

IMG_7670 It’s beach season! Vancouver has been experiencing higher than normal temps and more beautiful days than usual for spring so I’ve been trying to savor every minute of it on the weekends by having patio happy hour sessions with the cuz! This is jut a throwback of the Saturday we ended up heading down to English bay and wound up at Cactus Club for drinks.   My only pet peeve on this restaurant is that even though I love it here–the view, the location and the food, the wait to get a table? not so great.  Trust me, I know about waiting patiently, but when the establishment is wall to wall glass and you see about 4 tables empty and a bunch of servers huddled in a corner giggling, you know something isn’t quite right.  The service once we sat down was good though, our server was nice and also quite efficient and helpful.  I just wish that the wait for tables was quicker, not in terms of people eating but bussing the tables and then seating people instead of us seeing empty tables all around.IMG_7671 IMG_7667
What I wore: Tanktop and lace shorts: TNA Aritzia Sandals: Aldo Bag: Danier Leather Sunnies: Raybans

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