Throwback: Into the Blue and White for Spring


It’s not quite thursday but i had some pics from a date night weeks before our wedding that has never seen the light of day!

We were ramping up with both house and wedding planning that we needed a break from everything! We went out for date night on a nice friday night.  I have to say, it was so needed!

IMG_9746-0IMG_9749-0Blue was the theme for the evening, down to my new shoes and the first time wearing them!

IMG_9748-0IMG_7664It was also a good time for him to break out the linen blazer! I’m not quite sure where it’s from but i’m pretty sure that it’s mostly Banana Republic.

IMG_7663What I wore: Blazer & Clutch: Forever 21  | Dress: Everly | Shoes: Zara

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