I’m back!


Happy Hump Day everyone!

So for those wondering what ever happened to that girl that loved to blog, I have been so busy with the wedding and house prep that I just ended up neglecting this blog.  Sad face.  I am back, however, freshly married and nesting in our new home so I am ready, set and going to start blogging again!

I don’t have all the pics from the photographer yet, but here’s a peek at what the dresses looked like.
IMG_9897The wedding dress is from BHLDN from designer Tadashi Shoji and the bridesmaid dresses are from Ever New.  While usually the wedding dress alone can cost upto thousands, the 4 dresses costs slightly less than $1200 taxes included! Amazeballs eh?  I err on the side of caution with wedding stuff as usually it’s used once, so I decided to just get a nice, simple dress and splurge where in my mind it counts the most–the shoes!

I hope that this little tidbit is a good start to my comeback and a thank you to those loyal followers that stayed even when I had no posts or updates.

I hope to post more and be more active with not only fashion but house and maybe food posts? Cause, why not?

Thank you followers!

xo E


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