Health & Fitness: It’s not a diet!

Happy Tuesday!  As I eat my nutella and crackers at my desk this morning, I began to ponder on my road to being my old self and what it took for me to finally maintain a lasting change in my physical fitness and health.  Granted, I am not quite at my goal weight and I still seem to yo-yo quite a bit here and there but generally I think it’s the biggest change in myself I’ve seen since I decided to commit to trying one more time both for myself and for my upcoming nuptials!

I am not going to lie to you and say that I’ve been so good lately because that’s just not the case.  In fact, I’ve never had so many cheat days in one month and of all time I decide to do it, the days leading upto the wedding is the worst.  I have to say that though I am disappointed in myself, I am not that surprised really.  In fact, I think I’m learning so much during this time that I’m changing the way I’m thinking of health and fitness that the journey itself I guess is just as rewarding.  I’ve had quite a bit of revelations that I find I am somewhat closer to understanding what it is that has made me balloon up to ‘I give up on myself‘ weight,about metabolism even nutrition and fitness.  You are lucky enough to get a part of that wisdom since you’ve continued on reading this far!

It may have been a ‘duh’ thing for other people but it really did take me awhile to realize that there is a correlation between what I take into my body, fitness and being at the ideal weight.  I thought that exercising my ass off was enough to reach my goal weight and that when I cheated, as long as I went back to the gym the next day it was ok.  While rare cheat days (or even reward days) are ok, if you reward yourself after every meal like I did, you’ll never do more than break even or even keep resetting yourself back to zero.  It never connected in my head that the nutrition I take in helps to maintain the work I did at the gym.  It all works together and one can’t ignore one and overdo the other!

There are no shortcuts! I tried and tried to find an easy way (no pills tho) to cheat through my ‘weight gain’ and I could never do it.  In the end, the hard work you put in the gym is what will make the difference.  You want a body like Khloe Kardashian? If she can put hours in the gym to get the abs she has (not sure I agree with the waist trimmer tho) then so can you! Yes, she has a personal trainer, but in this day in age, all you need is a data plan or wifi and you have access to as many trainers on youtube, coveteur and other places as she has.  You even have access to a personal trainer at the community centre if you want to pay slightly more!

Speaking of rewards, doing good at the gym does not mean you deserve a reward! This is one concept I’ve had to keep telling myself over and again! I hear lots of people saying that a trip to the gym makes it ok to reward yourself and that’s just simply not the case.  One way of rewarding yourself after a great workout is to keep it up by eating healthy and staying the course.  I know, killjoy right? I’ve had to learn this one the hard way–and I am very stubborn! A cheat day should be rare enough that it becomes a treat for when you’ve reach a goal moment and not every time you pushed yourself out of bed and into the gym.  I liken this to parents saying that you shouldn’t reward a child for just going to school, but more for working hard and doing their best!

Okay, after all this talk of health and fitness I should also mention that despite my little weaknesses here and there I have managed to continue to fit the romper I had purchased from Marciano years ago and actually wore it out last Saturday! yay!

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