Summer Fashion: Gladiator Style

gladiator sandals


First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts….I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog! The light at the end of the tunnel for both the house reno and our wedding planning is so close! It also means that everything else has been set aside to make way for finishing up the deets!

With all the madness and chaos surrounding me, I’ve let spring and the beautiful weather completely pass me by! I am loving the sunshine of the gorge spring days that I can’t help fast forwarding to my thoughts of summer! (which I will coincidentally be a newlywed by then!) With thoughts of summer come the fashion!

I have to admit that I have a love/hate feeling when it comes to summertime.  I love the warmth, the beautiful days and endless sunshine but hate that at times, I want to be more dressed and can’t be because summer fashion is so casual! lol. Does that make sense?

One of my favorite things to wear are the gladiator sandals and I’m so glad it’s back on trend again! lol.  I have been wearing mine ever since I bought my first pair!  Last year I also invested in a pair of heeled gladiator sandals from Steve Madden which I am saddened to say I may not be able to use as it feels slightly higher than I expected I think.

I’ve bought a few pairs recently, none so expensive as a pair of Stuart Weitzmans or Valentinos for fear that it may definitely break my bank! Luckily for those that love them as much as I do, there are places you can purchase them if you’re as eager as I am about finding the best deals.


I recently purchased this in the tan colored at Town shoes for about $140 CDN (pretax) which is quite steep compared to my other sandals but the great thing about it is that it is adjustable on the sides so anyone unlucky enough (as I am) to have bigger calves than the average person can adjust it according to comfort.  If it still doesn’t quite fit, you are able to create extra holes for the the strap on the side to alleviate any discomfort from the tightness of the top straps.

Another good deal would be the ones from Charlotte Russe (shown above) which is I think around $40 US (or slightly less).  It resembles the Stuart Weitzman version, only about $400 less lol for the person that doesn’t want to spend so much.

Depending on what kind of gladiator sandal you like, you may end up getting a great deal if you just look.  One way to find the ideal sandal for you (which I did when I bought my sandals) is to ask yourself a few questions.  Who knows you may find out that what you thought your gladiator sandal choice may be different from what you envisioned!

What to think about:

  • Genuine Leather or Synthentic? There can be a huge price gap between the two.  Majority of my gladiator sandals are synthetic with only 1 being real I think.  With that said, there is nothing wrong with synthetic either! You won’t feel as bad if you end up wrecking!
  • Sandal Style: There are wide ranges of styles that gladiator sandals come in; There are the strappy dominatrix type ones which are really hot but can get complicated, there are those that are more authentic and stay true to the gladiator style (think Julius Caesar), and even more boho styles with fringes and beadwork.
  • Length: Some like the Zigi sandals come up I think mid calf, while others can go just above the knee.  I love the ones that go just above the knee, it looks great with dresses!
  • Heels or no heels?
  • The extra Umph! Do you like metallic? sequins? beading and fringes?
  • Do you plan on wearing it casual or more dressy or transitional?

There are lots to think about besides pricing when it comes to sandals.  With the huge array of choices unless you have the lottery winnings to buy each pair known to man , I suggest thinking of how you’ll use them and ask yourself a few questions like I did to find out which pair will suit you the best!

xo E


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