Health & Fitness: Relapse

I haven’t been counting but assume it’s been at least 2 months and a bit since my fitness journey restarted.  The last couple of weeks, the busy schedule finally did me in as I noticed abit of relapse in weight.  I am not one to weight consistently, but checking on my status one night made me realize how quickly one can slip back into gaining a pound or two from old habits.

I’ve been running on low lately as I’ve been pulled into different directions and so I haven’t really paid much attention to my healthy eating and exercise.  The last few weekends consisted of eating on the go and parties.  I felt disappointed to find out that a few indulgences can mean the difference for a couple of pounds and slow progress!  My spring allergies and allergy-induced asthma hasn’t helped either, cutting my cardio time considerably.

I still continue to push on, back to square one although not necessarily starting from the same point–something that gives me a little comfort!

If you’re like me, know that you are not alone and that I am still rooting for all of you as much as I am for myself! keep going! We all fall, the point is how we handle that fall and what we do after!

Happy Hump Day!

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