DIY: Paper flowers and Magnets

20150313-082036.jpgI’ve been feeding my creativity with some DIY projects lately, partially to fill the void of having to spend a lot of money for the wedding (hence the paper flower) or just out of necessity and frustration.

The wedding lately has me in a bit of a frazzled state because the amounts, along with the house reno budget, have just gone above and beyond what we had intended.  As much as I would love to have the grand wedding of my dreams, realistically the budgets just don’t allow for it, and I’m fine with it.  In a way, this allows me to use my crafting and creativity to good use.

The wedding planner/decorator had mentioned that in keeping with the paper crepe pompoms I had so graciously volunteered my bridal party to doing, we could put little pompoms as part of the aisle runner for the church décor.  Ever so creative that I am (lol not really) I decided to kick it up a notch, which I think made the fiancé nervous haha.  I thought to myself, why just pompoms? why not paper flowers?  I mean, I wanted flowers all along anyways! So I started to research and decided that it would be a cheaper choice than what I had originally thought to do which was deco clay flowers lol.
20150313-082023.jpgThe second DIY project I took on came out of frustration with waiting for office supplies to be ordered at work.  Since we’ve been trying to tighten the budget, it’s become a lot harder to come by supplies that the powers-that-be think are more important than others to order.

I saw scrabble magnets at Chapters awhile back and had wanted to buy it but $13 is a little steep for something I may eventually lose.  Anything I bring to and keep at work should be stuff that I’m willing to lose just in case, right? So I decided to craft my own letters!


The magnet is $1.99 at the local dollar store (a roll of magnet) and then I just found a good image (which there are lot of) of scrabble letters and print on color paper.

It took time to stick all the letters and cut the magnets into little squares but once it was made it was pretty cool!

If you want to kick your creativity to another level, I suggest creating your own letters!



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