Sunday Cocktails at Hawksworth

I’ve been a busy bee lately with all the house and wedding prep that sometimes it’s hard to find the time to just chill and relax.  This sunday my calendar opened up surprisingly as the fiancé had to work and so any errands came to a screeching halt.

I wasn’t too disappointed as it gave me time to enjoy the beautiful sunny winter day in downtown once again.  Sunny winter days are both good and bad in my opinion—it gives that false sense of spring time lol cause its so beautiful outside but great because it gave me a chance to get some vitamin D!

Anyways, I started my day with a workout at the gym and then messaged my cuz for some wandering around downtown.  I guess wedding matters were not far from my mind as I quickly ended up trying to squeeze an errand in the middle of our wandering aimlessly lol.  Trust me, if you are looking to just clear the mind, wandering the streets sometimes does the trick.  Downtown is such a lively place and full of sights that can distract the mind, especially with the early unexpected blooming of cherry blossoms!


When I mentioned the false sense of spring, I actually meant me lol.  I ended up wearing the Panama hat that I had recently purchased looking ahead for spring/summer.  I am inlove with the hat! It’s not often that you can pick up a genuine panama hat that is a fraction of the price that is sold at Granville Island.  It’s still steep but more manageable than paying over $100.  It is hand-crafted though, so I guess it’s worth the price.

While in downtown, we decided to take a little afternoon happy hour at Hawksworth Lounge at Hotel Georgia.  I love Hotel Georgia, ever since its renovation it’s just been such a glam place, with an awesome rooftop bar Reflections!  When in town, it’s a must-viist!

20150311-101138.jpgOverall, a nice afternoon.

What I wore: Vest: BEBE | Sweater: BCBG | Jeans: Gap Shoes: | Payless | hat: Aritzia Bag: LV |

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