Review: Zara Online Orders


For my birthday, I thought I’d treat myself to a new pair of shoes…Not an expensive pair, but a pretty pair from one of my favorite shoes.  They never seem to have my size so I thought I’d go online and order them which I rarely do, but this was a special occasion and I’d been wanting the pair of shoes since it came out so I thought I’d order online once again.  I never thought that I’d have a nightmare on my hands!

Now just to warn you, I am not bashing Zara as it is still one of my favorite stores.  It should be apparent though that when retail companies start failing in some of the processes such as online orders and processing returns, I do not turn a blind eye to this–not even for Zara.

I love the store and shop there frequently–I even have one piece of clothing from it daily for work.  I don’t like however, when a store gives me the run-around especially for a simple mistake that I did not make. When I received the shoes in store (as I had them delivered to metrotown mall) I didn’t realize that I received two different sizes for each of the shoes making the pair.  I have never had that happen to me so I freaked out and called them the very next day.  I was contemplating bringing it back in store but that location had had such bad reviews that I didn’t want to deal with the hassle.  I spoke to a rep who then told me that they will be sending me a return label and once they receive the tracking info for the return that they would send me a replacement.  She didn’t really explain to me that it would take 24-48 hours but I trusted her and waited for the return label to get emailed to me.  A day came and then another day-nothing.  I called another time to which the rep told me it would take 24-48 hours, starting from that day.  Mind you, I’d already been waiting 3 days with a pair of shoes I can’t wear.  My birthday had gone and went without being able to wear the lovely shoes.  Needless to say I was annoyed but still willing to wait it out.  I was annoyed enough though to contact Zara Care through twitter which is probably the only reason why they even responded to my return claim.  Days went by and I kept calling.  Excuses poured about why I didn’t get a return label, that my return claim was being processed and that the replacement was supposed to be sent to me even though I hadn’t received my return label yet, but all to no avail.  No label, no shoes nothing.  I called one more time and finally got an explanation that they missed sending me the pair of shoes because the tracking info for my return package would have activated it and since I hadn’t sent the wrong pair back, they missed sending me the pair.  Okay, well…again, is that my fault!?


Anyways, eventually the same rep did get me my replacement (thank you, sorry I didn’t get your name!) and my lovely shoes came.  I re-sent my wrong pair and not sure whatever became of it.  I am glad my shoes came, but not sure how I would ever feel about doing another online order…or at least be weary and do multiple checks before breathing a sigh of relief!


I have to say though, I am still a fan of Zara and will chalk this up to one bad experience.




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