Bonjour All!  Happy Hump Day!

I was perusing Pinterest (as usual) and found this pic from Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 Collection.  I am loving the high-waist pants at the moment, it elongates your legs (on the con side, it can shorten your torso too…)  I have been obsessed with high-waisted pants for awhile now, nothing new lol, but this collection is just chic and retro but yet fresh.  I am two years late yes I know, but sometimes vintage isn’t always bad haha.  I have a few pairs of high-waisted palazzo pants (very wide legged pants) and I love them! I find stove pipe or skinny legged pants are sometimes constricting that the wide leg offers a lot of movement and is a more relaxed fit in general.  I am loving the suit versions in the McQueen collection though….That’s another thing I’ve been obsessed about since December, suits!

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