BeFit: New Year, new me!



As always, I am trailing far behind on turning a new leaf this year. I’ve never been one to be an early bird, and this is no exception –exercising and getting fit! I’ve always seen the effort to get fit as an unnecessary evil, that is up until I got engaged and the wedding day started to get closer!

Another thing I am not is a gym rat–I’d rather spend my weekends and after work days sleeping or eating lol. Of course, my lack of motivation was spiraling me at my worst just this past holiday as my weight gain was not helped by my constantly being sick!

It wasn’t until three weeks ago, when someone close to me had voiced the observation that I had let myself go. I let myself go? How dare she! I thought. Then as I was at the mall trying clothes on in the fitting room, it hit me that she was right. I did let myself go. I let myself get to a place where my old clothes didn’t fit and instead of facing it, I bought new clothes and went up a size. I even told myself that an article that I had read somewhere that designers and clothing companies size their clothes differently and that it was normal to be a size different from one clothing brand to another. This was partially true, but it didn’t explain my sudden size jump.

After that unfortunate weekend I told myself that I was going to try to change–baby steps and do it differently this time. I changed my diet little by little and started to watch what I ate–only eating tuna salads or getting salad with a piece of chicken at Urban Fare for lunch. I drank more green tea (but still drank a cup of joe, a habit I couldn’t break!) and tried to have yogurt once a day. I portioned my dinner and even ate oatmeal at work every once in awhile! (that’s a big thing for me lol). All this effort to crutch my almost daily visits to the gym again.

I’ve even started watching the BeFit YouTube channel to help supplement days that I don’t go to the gym with some handy exercises! It is a godsend I tell you.

It’s going to be three weeks this Saturday, and my efforts haven’t been in vain. I noticed a change around the two week mark of me starting to fit my size 25 jeans. Size 25 guys! that’s uuuh-mazing!!!!! I haven’t fit it in a long while and it’s a good, small victory that re-inforces my health kick.

I thought I’d share this story and hopefully encourage those that think it’s too hard and will take too long to make a change. I think, make a change, start now and keep going! Don’t let little setbacks stop you and be mindful of your goal!


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