High Low and Rainboots for morning fittings


It must be an omen lol.  The day that we picked up the dresses at Pacific centre, it was pouring as much as last Saturday when we went to the tailors to get the alterations done.

I didn’t bother with a rain jacket cause I knew we’d mostly be indoors but it was still very gloomy and daunting to be outside in the rain.


| Cape: Guses (not shown) | Blazer: BR Monogram | Top: BCBG | Jeans: AE Outfitters | boots: Hunter Boots | Bag: Danier Leather |

The fittings went off to a rocky start, but after some switches in sizing ended up well.  Two out of the three dresses worked out with one still awaiting alteration.  With the busy hectic morning of trying to wrangle the bridal entourage, I didn’t much have time to take a pic! Luckily, found a sec or two to snap a quick dressing room selfie!


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